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What is MIT Powder Coatings Online Store?
     MIT Powder Coatings Online Store is exactly what our name is, we're an online ecommerce store. We specialize in providing our customers with top notch powder coating and powder coating supplies. We strive to offer the best customer service, best pricing and most of all the best brands all under one roof (or one web address). We know time is valuable these days and easy online ordering with one stop shopping allows you to spend more time on your next project and less time surfing the web.

Benefits of shopping with MIT:

Access to all invoices throughout the year.

Access to shipping/tracking information on every order.

One easy, no hassle checkout for all your masking and powder needs.

Shop and compare prices on many brands (new brands being added monthly).


What does PREORDER next to the new powder colors mean? 

  We are offering some of our new powder colors on a trial basis. If we get enough orders during each of the preorder phases we will offer the color in full 55lb box quantities permanently. Simply place your order for a "preorder" powder. You will be charged as normal. Your powder will ship on the expected date found on the products page. If you have any additional questions feel free to email us.

My credit card keeps getting rejected when I place my order? What should I do?
    Please ensure that your name and "Billing" address matches the address associated with the credit card. 

Frequent customer problems related to credit card payments include:

Incorrect address (possibly a Po BOX)

Direction or Road missing

Wrong Zip Code

Three digit CVV # off back of card incorrect (AMEX four digit code on front of card)


Business Tip: Remember to update credit card information when you receive a new card or change your address or the address of your business.


How do you keep your prices so low?

     We keep our prices so low:

  • Low Overhead
  • No raw materials
  • No cheesy salesmen
  • Sorry but no free samples
  • CEO is involved and not out on fancy trips
  • Orders done online and not with customer service
  • Less employees = Cheaper Prices

Do you offer more colors than what is advertised on your website?
 All colors we currently offer are available on the website. As MIT Powder Coatings continue to grow we will add more. We recommend you email us your requested color at contact-reply@mitpowdercoatings.com and we will try to add your suggested colors to our offerings.

Can you send me free samples?

     We do not offer free powder samples but you can purchase a q-panels as well as order smaller quantities in the powder color of your choice to determine whether or not our high quality products suit your needs.

Do you offer coupon codes?
     Keep your eyes on MITPOWDERCOATINGS.com for monthly promotional discounts shown here on our banners. We also have special offers for all newsletter subscribers (which can be found on our home page) and on our social media sites: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest

Where does my order ship from?
     All products on the MIT site are dropped shipped from many locations throughout the United States. All orders received before 3pm EST Monday- Friday are processed the same day and will ship via the companies shipping instructions (see below for exact location of each company).


    American Powder Coatings ships from Illinois via UPS Ground.

    Benco Sales ships from Tennesse via FedEx for 5 gal jugs and Benco truck for larger quantities.

    Epsi Brand ships from Wisconsin via UPS Ground.

    MIT Powder Coatings Brand ships from Michigan via UPS Ground.

    Powder Strip ships from Missouri via FedEx.

    Prismatic Powders ships from Oregon via FedEx.

    Special Masking ships from Ohio via UPS Ground.

    3M Brand ships from Michigan via UPS Ground or USPS.




Technical FAQ


How do I know when I have achieved the proper fluidization level?
     Proper fluidization has occurred when the powder has a boiling liquid appearance with small bubbles over the surface.

How can I achieve the proper fluidization level?
     Most powder is properly fluidized at 10-20 PSI.  Try to increase or decrease PSI in increments of 5 to achieve proper fluidization. 

What is Polyester-TGIC (Triglycidyl Isocyanureate)?
     Polyester is a type of resin that is used in the manufacturing of powder coatings.
     TGIC is a hardener that is used for polyester based powder coatings.

What applications are Polyester-TGIC (Triglycidy Isocanureate) good for?
 Poly-TGIC is a paint for most applications, exhibiting the good characteristics that other paints are specialized, for ex. Epoxy is great w/corrosion protection but not good w/ UV stabilization (fade), where Poly-TGIC is great for both.  The ease of application is another area that the Poly-TGIC ‘s exhibit.       

Polyester TGIC is a paint which can be used in many application settings. While epoxy based coatings may be corrosion resistant, they will fade as they lack ultraviolet (UV stabilization properties. Polyester TGIC is not only easy to apply, but it performs strongly as a resistant to both corrosion and fade from UV exposure.

What is the cure time and bake temperature?
   Follow the cure cycle located on the TDS. View all TDS and MSDS here.

What about holes with threads & other areas that need to stay coating free?
     High temperature masking can be applied to special surfaces such as threads or high tolerance areas to keep them from being coated.  High temperature silicone plugs and silicone caps can be used for threaded holes or shafts.                        

Can I use body filler?
     The high oven temperature makes the use of plastic and resin body fillers problematic. Often the powder will not bind to filler's surface causing bubbles in the paint. 

Why is the paint chipping after parts are painted and cured?
This is likely a result of the powder not being cured correctly. The temperature and/or cure times need to be increased to ensure the powder is fully cured.

Also, the thickness of the coating may be too high as a result of too much paint having been applied. Try turning down the voltage and/ or reducing the spray time.

Why does the color of the powder appear to be “off” after it has cured?
Examine your exhaust vents and be sure that your fans are working, MIT Powder Coatings cannot stress enough the importance of proper oven exhaust systems.
Try adjusting your bake time and/or the temperature. Cooking for either, too long or too short a time will both affect the color, as will the over temperature.
     For automatic lines try adjusting the conveyor speed to increase or decrease the bake time.


 Addition questions may be emailed directly to us through our contact page 



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