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I Need Powder Coating?

Can we send you (MIT Powder Coatings) parts to be powder coated? This is the number one question we get emailed daily. MIT Powder Coatings is a supplier of powder coating and  powder coating supplies. Oh you saw those flashy photos of finished parts on the website and think we do great work. Well we can’t take the credit on [...]

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Branding your Business

Branding your Business What kind of image are you giving out about your business? When it comes to marketing our business' we could do well to take note of a man named  Fredric the Great that lived from 1740 to 1786. Fredrick the Great was a famous ruler of Germany and King of Prussia, he was also a man that understood [...]

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​Powder Coating for Dummies.

Powder Coating for Dummies. I really wish I wrote this long time ago. I’ve been involved in the  powder coating industry for exactly 10 years now. That is because I met my husband. Typical “chit-chat” when you meet someone: So what do you do for living? And he, very naturally said: I sell powder coating…. Probably all of you can imagine the [...]

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Bringing a Concept to Reality

Bringing a Concept to Reality. Do you ever have an idea or concept that you think would greatly benefit your work or personal life? I would be willing to bet that most everybody has had at least one in the past day/ week/ month/ year. That is what keeps us going! The difference between having an idea and [...]

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Mass-Production vs. Uniqueness

Mass-Production vs. Uniqueness Have you walked past the spray paint aisle at your big box hardware store lately??? Have you noticed the HUGE variety of colors and finishes you can find these days??? I remember even, 10 years ago, you couldn’t find half of the colors and finishes you find right now. So that just tells us something: People like to paint, [...]

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Moving Forward with a Change

Only recently have I realized change is good. Life, business and relationships require change.  Change is a process. The old way can bring back the feeling of nostalgia.  But the new way is most often superior by FAR.  Which reminds me of how important it is to look FORWARD, NOT BEHIND.  It’s the old handcart (pallet jack) [...]

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​What's in your box of powder coating?

A number of years ago I was talking to a friend that was the  production manager for one of the largest powder coating manufacturers in the world. We talk almost on a daily basis. We talked about things like what to do with  waste powder coating, the self-life of powder, and reintroducing bag house fines back into the manufacturing process. But the [...]

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Is being social a hassle?

The hype of being social online seems to be the top of every conversation lately. Not very many people turn to the yellow pages in search of a local listing anymore. With the creation of smart phones the new generation says “I can  Google that”. Within seconds you can find out the exact location of their facility and what they [...]

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​Organization and Efficiency

My Personal Key to being Efficient through Organization The key to organization is finding out what works for you. Some work great in chaos while others need structure to perform at an optimized level. I personally use what I like to call the “White Board Effect”. It is a heavy dose of chaos with a little bit of [...]

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Welcome to the BLOG

Do you often wonder how you can better yourself and your business? Believe it or not we come into work every day with a goal to make today better than the previous. We find out what improvements we want or need to make and collect idea after idea. Many ideas or thoughts are inspired from a podcast or something [...]

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