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What 4th of July Means to US...

Our staff at  Surplus Coatings, MIT Powder Coatings, and MIT Marketing LLC would all like to wish you a very Happy 4th of July!!!

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I Want it Now

I want the world, I want the whole world, I want to lock it all up in my pocket… Give it to me now! (Veruca Salt, "Willy Wonka"). The bratty little girl from Willy Wonka sings an over the top song about wanting everything and wanting it now. But is it “over the top”? When you break it down it’s [...]

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MIT's Pick of the Month

It is that time again to brag about our customers, this time its Shane Rager owner of Rager’s Edge Powder Coating in Leesburg, Indiana. Shane has been coating since 1998 in his garage! Now I know you are probably thinking a garage? There isn’t enough room but this is no ordinary garage it's 3800 sq. ft.!!! He has also [...]

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This is NOT a Sale!

I remember in my college days there was a local sports store chain that always had a huge banner draped over their entrance: HUGE CLEARANCE SALE! It became comical because it felt like years that the sign hung there. It made me question, if a sale never ends it is, in theory, no longer a sale right? Aren’t those [...]

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Save Time and Money, Use the Powder Coat Calculator!!

Remember how frustrating it was in math class when the teacher made you show your work, and how exciting it was when you got to use a calculator. A while back MIT Powder Coatings used our love for calculators as a springboard to create our own Powder Coating Calculator.With all the variables to consider; mil thickness, specific gravity, transfer efficiency, [...]

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Don’t Thank A Veteran On Monday

As a veteran, it is very common to be told, “thank you for your service” throughout the year. On most days this is a welcomed reminder of the love and support that most have for the small veteran community. However, on Monday May 30 th, 2016, Memorial Day, please hold the urge to thank me for my service. [...]

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Customers Worth Bragging About!

Like most people, I am a visual person. I like to see things for myself rather than having a description of it. I absolutely love when customers share their photos!! Not only do I get to see everyone’s originality, but I also get to see a finished product of an item, that I possibly might have sold them. Although we [...]

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Mom, Yetis, and Silicone Sheeting

Another Mother’s Day has come and gone. Did you thank the women who raised you, wiped your snotty nose (among other things, yikes), kissed your boo boos, loved and supported you? I hope so! On behalf of MIT Online Store we would like to thank moms everywhere for the incredible things you do…. like tucking us in Speaking of tucking in, [...]

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Information Overload

We had the opportunity to attend the FABTECH Conference this past fall. Let me rephrase that; we had the opportunity to “hike” the FABTECH Conference. After day 1 we turned on our step counters and recorded about 8 miles of booth to booth, talking, learning, networking, business card giving/taking, and swag hauling. 8 MILES!!! This week is the American Coatings Conference [...]

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Benco VS PowderStrip

Let me begin by saying that this is not a “which is better” product review. At MIT Powder Coatings we are proud to offer both PowderStrip and Benco products. We do however get asked quite often, “What’s the difference between Benco B17 and PowderStrip?” I’m going to do my best to answer that question.I’m comparing 3 products today: Benco B17, PowderStrip 1L, and PowderStrip 2L. Check [...]

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